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#291429 - Smirking a little she drew her thumb from his face and gave him a few gentle slaps, patting his face until his eyes focused on her, blinking as if coming back from somewhere distant, his full slightly puffy lips still parted. “You’re such a good fucking lay baby…” she cooed affectionately in his ear, kissing him on the cheek before pressing her face into his lush soft hair, smelling the coconut shampoo he must use before exhaling long and slow, eager to get going again. She grinned, this boy was after a non-con fantasy experience after all, where was the fun if he didn’t come out the other end with a few reminders? She growled as he continued to struggle, the high pitched whine from his nose continuing as he struggled to thrash, his skin growing slick with sweat as he exerted himself under her slender but heavier body.

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