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#148711 - Now class flush out his intestines as these tubes will be needed for the black pudding casing, even all of his internal organs heart, liver, kidneys and lungs can also be removed for other meal dishes then he will be spitted she instructed. Of cause you can came the reply just as the woman began to give Garry the address he needed to come for an interview. Well I need free board and to work until I can find someone to fulfill my desires of being cooked and eaten,Garry replied Mary smiled,well Garry I run a special private school cooking class for young cannibal students who all want to be involved in something special so Garry I'm sure the class I am teaching would be very interested in you being such an menu item if your willing she told him Garry's face began to smile as he told Mary God I'm more than willing please came Garrys reply,then its settled Garry your hired she replied.

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Batsu ichimonji
Name of the song at the end
Motoki haruna
Wow so beautiful ty for sharing