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#80034 - Now I am working and living in Mumbai with my wife Reena. I m from Ajmer . Arvind put his hand to my wife shoulder and start seduce her now she did not say anything to him now Arvind start his hand slowly to her boobs and start pressing she close the eye now Arvind getting bonus he come more closer to her and kissing her she also enjoying this she also start kissing him then suddenly my wife stand up and call Arvind to his room I woke up and slowly move to Arvind’s room I look inside that my shy wife is now playing a role of Randi she start removing clothes from Arvind’s body and set on knee and take his penis to her mouth Arvind cannot believe that a shy lady do this type of things in bed room now Arvind start removing her clothes after removing her clothes Arvind eye are open after seeing her boobs and nude body now both standing and kissing each other on lips my wife is to horny now she press Arvind for bed she laid down on bed and say Arvind to come up now Arvind put his 8inc

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