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#115881 - As Mike starts getting closer and closer to cumming he starts calling her names, you stupid goof victim fat pig I want to hurt you so you never forget. She looks worried for a second but soon her face turns to pain as he starts pinching and squeezing her tits, punching them like punching bags and slapping them turning them into red melons, she is crying loudly so he chokes her so hard she almost passes out warning her to quiet down. I'm going to start squeezing your ass and tits and pinching you and slapping you and pulling your hair because I want you to be crying in hysterics, you fucking whore, I slap her face hard 3 times making her scream out, her left side of her face is instantly bright red, shut up bitch he says covering her mouth as he lands a punch to her stomach making her gasp for air, does it feel good you fucking moron? I grab her hair bouncing her head off the bed 4 or 5 times and start slapping her face and the back of her head.

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