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#49096 - None of them ever regretted letting a black man fuck them. “Do I really have a choice?” “No you don’t! I’m staying here at Jim’s, naked and fucking him and any friends he wants to invite over! I know that galls you and that’s why I’m doing it! You should never have embarrassed me like you did! I don’t fuck you and I won't ever again, but that’s our marriage problem and its private!” “Look, I know I lost any say-so in your life a long time ago! Just stay and fuck Jim all you want! In fact Lynn, why don’t you get Jim to invite some of his black friends over for a group fuck! I’m sure Jim isn’t enough man for you! I hope you get pregnant!” “You’re just jealous that Jim has a bigger dick than you do! You don’t have any right to get jealous because I want to fuck other men!” “Well, may I remind you that I am your husband and you haven’t fucked me in years and wouldn’t fuck me no matter what I did! Why did you marry me anyway?” “Weak moment on my part and you asked me

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